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Luppi´s weirdness

Luppi´s weirdness

one direction- imagine dragons-harry potter-disney-art-16-argentina-la llama que llama-... have a nice day and no me rompan las bolas

I want

i love talking to someone every day, and flirt all the time with him, talk about the day, saying “i want you here with me”, being called “beauty” and things like that. but its just horrible when he stops talking to you because you want to be more than friends while he only whants sex. i mean, i want a guy who will say “i´m with her” instead of “i´m with someone”. and i hate it when boys flirt with you constantly so you start thinking you care about him and you feel something for him, and then ignore you. 

i want that guy who will always want to see me, and never change his personality because of being with me, and want to make me smile all the time no matter what, and tease me a little, tickle me, cuddle me, play between kisses. i want to trust him so i can tell him anything, and he will trust me too.

i want to mean something to somebody.

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