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Luppi´s weirdness

Luppi´s weirdness

one direction- imagine dragons-harry potter-disney-art-16-argentina-la llama que llama-... have a nice day and no me rompan las bolas


but they look so sweaty and sexy in the itunes festivalimage









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Good enough ? (Luke Hemmings)


Requested : Yes

Could you pretty please do a smut where Luke’s brothers don’t think he is man enough as they have never heard you while your having sex so Luke invites you round and fucks you the hardest you’ve ever had it with his brothers in the next room. Sorry its really long

Rating : R

Word count : 2 006

Story line : Luke wants to show his brother he’s a real man

Your phone rang on the little table in front of the TV as you were lazily watching some stupid series during the afternoon. You checked the name on the screen before picking it up and placing it against your ear.

“Luke?” you answered

“Hi babe, how are you?” he asked in the sweetest voice ever, indicating that he actually needed something from you.

“Oh Luke what do you need?” you asked back laughing, deciding not to waste time.

“How do you know I need something?” his voice sounded outraged.

“Oh come on, we’ve been dating for 8 months now I kinda know you by heart you know, so what is it?”

“Alright, I was wondering if you could come over like, right now?” he asked.

“Huh sure, is everything alright?” you said concerned.

“Yeah yeah, don’t worry, I just … You know, I just need you” he informed you, his voice getting lower at the end.

You laughed loudly before telling him that you were going to be here in an hour and hung up the phone. You got prepared and jumped into your car before driving straight to Luke’s house. You were actually pretty excited to see him too. You pulled in the driveway and entered the house without knocking as you thought Luke was home alone; you jumped up in surprise as you saw his brother Jack casually sitting on the sofa, his head turned to you with a smile.

“Oh huh sorry, I don’t know why I thought Luke was alone so I just came in” you apologized, not wanting to seem rude to Luke’s family. “Oh it’s cool no problem, I think he’s in his room” he indicated before turning his head to the TV again. You thanked him and entered Luke’s room, finding him lying on his bed with eyes closed.

His head snapped up when he heard you come in and he got up, immediately making his way to you, engulfing you in a hug. “Luke, are you sure you’re okay, you’re kind of acting weird” you said as he let go of you and took your hands in his. “Hmm hmm” he nodded before leaning in and placing his lips on yours, slowly guiding you toward the bed until you were both lying on it. The kiss soon turned out into a heated make out session and his hands slipped under your shirt as he shifted his body to lie on top of you.

“Luke, Luke stop” you pleaded trying to push him off; “Luke we can’t do this now, your brother is sitting right behind this door” you reminded him. “I know that’s the point” he answered before leaning in again but you put both hands onto his broad shoulders and stopped his movements. “What?” you asked confused, clearly needing an explanation.

He sighed and rolled over, lying on the bed beside you. “He was teasing me earlier about how he never heard us fuck and I probably didn’t do you good enough” he said, bringing his arm down on his face to cover his eyes from embarrassment. You mouth parted in chock at the thought of his brother saying something like that. Obviously it wasn’t true, Luke was good in bed, really, really good actually: and he’d had you moaning, screaming and begging under him a billion times before.

“You know he was saying these stuffs like I’m not a real man and all” he added, almost sounding hurt. And idea popped up in your head and you turned on your side to look at him. “Maybe he’s right, you know” you answered cheekily, cocking your eyebrows; he snapped his head to the side, looking at you with furious eyes, trying to figure out whether or not you were laughing.

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Drunken Love: Luke Hemmings Smut [Part 1/2] →



gif cred to owner

part 2 coming soon:)

requested by: bee ( lyricallucas )

word count: 1,439

pairing: luke x reader

rating: PG-13

note:(im shit at titles sorry)bee requested just a make-out session with luke, so yes, im making a part 2 to this that involves smut!!!1!1! (also…

His Reaction To Seeing You In Lingerie - 5SOS Preference










(these are painful to make btw, jesus take the wheel)

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